Setting Up GIT for MacOS

What is GIT ?

GIT is an open source Version Control Software.

What is Version Control ?

Version Control Software is a tracking tool leveraged by software teams to track code changes through out the development process. Version control has several advantages such as rolling back code to a particular commit on a particular day. The concept of branches can be used to add new code to the project without impacting the current build. These are just a few things I’ve outlined but there are several other advantages of using Version Control Software.

How to get GIT on MacOS ?

If you’re on macOS you’re more than likely to already have git installed.
But in case you don’t or you were like me and didn’t know the fact that it could be pre-installed. Then, the following is what you’ll have to do to get Git installed and set up for use. (Note: You’ll require Homebrew for this.)
Open your Terminal, to do so press “command + space” on your keyboard to open up spotlight search.

Type Terminal in it and select the one that looks like this to open it.

Once you’re in your terminal window, type the following to get git installed.
The following method is what I used to get git installed. But you can also try typing “git — version” and it should prompt you on process to get git installed without trying the method I used. But in case it doesn’t work you can follow through with what I did.

And then you’re all set. Thats all you’ll have to do to get git in your MacOS.
To verify if Git is successfully installed on your system, all you have to do is type “git — version” in your terminal, and if everything is fine, well then you’ll see your git version.

More to come on using git commands!

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